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Innovation and Design Thinking Online Courses Now Free at BottomUp Skills

If you’re reading this, you’re likely doing it from home. Homeworking, sometimes called Telecommuting, is the new normal with the current global uncertainty caused by Coronavirus. That’s why we’re unlocking our entire catalogue of BottomUp innovation, design thinking, and agile online courses. 
With our work-life having changed so radically we are looking at an extended period of remote and virtual working from home. As we settle into this new routine, we can use the time proactively to learn and develop our skills, and return after the uncertainty even stronger.
We have created a series of bite-sized online learning courses for busy professionals. These are usually exclusive to our clients such as Ford Motor Company, News Corp Australia, Breville and many others around the world. But in light of the challenges we are all facing, we have opened our $49-monthly subscription courses and made them available to one and all – for life. We hope that everyone can make the best of these unusual times.
Here are some of the great courses you can access today:

The Amazon of banking is coming and its’ name is Revolut. In this case study, we decode how Revolut generated over 10M customers in five years; and there’s plenty to learn from their product and business model too. Dig in for this deconstruction of one the hottest startups of a generation

For the last four years, our head BottomUp.io instructor Mike Parsons has been reviewing and predicting some of the hottest tech-commodities for the year. Join us as we discuss our Top-5 pick for 2020.
SurveyMonkey is one of our cornerstone tools and can be used to generate massive amounts of invaluable data. Find out how to get the very best from SurveyMonkey with this Tools and Technology Masterclass.
Learn how to use empathy to design new products and stories by being user-centric. Get practical tips on how to research what users need and how to capture your insights into user journeys, stories and prototypes.
The WeWork story holds many powerful lessons for entrepreneurs and designers. From a world-class product to a failed IPO – we can find many learnings for ourselves. Enjoy this short and sharp analysis of WeWork.
Discover the latest product innovation practices such as Design Thinking, Rapid Prototyping, Agile and Lean. Build an understanding of how you embrace a new approach based on collaboration, being user-centred and continuously innovating.
Go beyond product innovation and learn the other three P’s of innovation: People, Promotion and Profit. Build an understanding of storytelling, growth marketing, lean analytics, innovation archetypes, and how to build a culture of innovation.
Learn how to build your early-stage ideas by using low fidelity prototypes. Get insights into how to use a prototype to test and validate new ideas, and understand when to use diagnostic, stimulus and experience prototypes.
Enjoy a keynote that tackles the disruptive world of media and marketing. Discover some killer stats on the big economic picture and media world. Then enjoy three compelling recommendations to help you survive and thrive in the digital age.
The BottomUp platform was created and supported by our expert thought-leadership team in Sydney, Australia, and we have a number of exciting courses coming up this year, so make sure to sign-up at BottomUp.io so you don’t miss out. We can’t wait to hear what you think.If you have any requests for courses or topics, please get in touch with the team at Skills@bottomup.io.

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