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Fresh New Keynote: Top 5 Emerging Technologies

We’re on a roll with the new courses, and here we go Top 5 Emerging Technologies for 2020.

This keynote is the fourth annual study we do of Emerging Technologies. Previously we’ve picked some winners and losers.

In 2017 we picked Virtual Reality which has turned out a total flop. But we saved the day with picking Blockchain and Voice-As-An-Interface. Since then we’ve seen the crypto world take off and Amazon selling Alexa Echo’s like hotcakes. 

After four years, we’ve also seen some fascinating patterns with emerging technologies. If you would like to dive deep into those insights and more, you can be registered for the keynote here.

Here are our significant recommendations for emerging technologies in 2020:

1. 5G Networks

200M Subscribers by the end Of 2020.

2. Mass Surveillance

Less Than 5% of Users Read Privacy Policies. 

3. Boundless Automation

RPA Will Reach Near-universal Adoption In 2023.

4. Collective Cloud

Cloud Computing is Already 30%+ of it Budgets. 

5. Digital Workplace

Serving Your Customers Requires Enabling Your Employees Too.

So there you have it! The new picks join some of our favourites from years past. The heavy hitters have been Artificial IntelligenceVoiceVoice-As-An-InterfaceIoT SensorsQuantum Computing and even Privacy and Ethics.

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