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How to Start and Launch a Successful Podcast

Howdy Product People! I know many of you are designers, developers, makers and creators. 

Here at BottomUp we are focussed on skills for product people. I wanted to share another project I am working on – it’s all about learning how to podcast. I just published a new course ‘How to Start and Launch a Successful Podcast.’

I’ve been podcasting for many years, and I started in radio over 20 years ago. The Moonshots Podcast has over 300,000 downloads since we started. And I make most of the show itself – from artwork to post-production.

After doing more than 100 episodes, I will share all the lessons I’ve learnt in my podcasting course.

Here’s what we’ll cover

  1. Picking your podcast niche
  2. Design your podcast brand
  3. Structuring and organise your show
  4. Planning and submitting your show

At the end of the course, you’ll be ready to publish your podcast. 

This class is for anyone who has a story worth sharing and wants to start a podcast. And I hope to inspire you to take this first step.

See you in the studio.