Bad Habits That Prevent Banks from Delighting Customers

Running a bank and simultaneously creating a world-class digital experience is hard work. Let’s identify the blockers Banks experience amidst digital transformation. Importantly, let’s embrace an agility mindset as we explore solutions.

This course will be coming soon, and we’d love to hear your thoughts. What problems do you face when trying to create a seamless experience for your banking customers? Please send us an email with your thoughts.


54% of global respondents trust at least one big tech company more than banks in general, and 29% trust at least one tech company more than their primary bank, according to Bain & Company global survey

Bain & Company global survey


Our research team is delving into several critical areas for this course;

  1. Customer and Product Experience
    1. Opening an account
    2. Making a payment
    3. Freezing my card
    4. International payments
    5. Open Banking
    6. Customer support


  2. Growth Marketing
    1. Differentiating from competitors
    2. Retention
    3. Conversion


  3. People
    1. Mindsets
    2. Skills


  4. Profit
    1. New business models like payments as a service
    2. Costs of the branch


When it comes to banking, 77% of banking customers feel that their bank's performance falls short of their expectations, according to a FIS Pace study.

FIS Pace study.


We’ll be launching this course with our partners from Future Banking. Be sure to register for the event because Razvan and the team always produce quality events.

I’ll be giving a live masterclass discussion as part of the launch of the new course.

Last year I gave a keynote around the idea of learning from each other in the FinTech industry. 

Keynote: “What Can FinTechs and Traditional Banks Learn from each other?”

From platform thinking to risk management – there’s plenty to learn from challenger and traditional banks. This talk presents eight ideas and learnings from a global point interview. Start course.



And one of our most popular courses in this study of Revolut. 

Case Study Revolu

The Amazon of banking is coming, and its’ name is Revolut. The one-stop-shop to manage all things money. Start Course.

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