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How to Build a Product Like Revolut

Ever wondered where Revolut gets the basics right and hits the mark with customers time and again?

BottomUp Skills latest course takes a look behind the scenes at how to build a product or company like Revolut. A lesson in creating powerful experiences throughout the entire customer journey.

Revolut Update 2021

It’s been a busy year for the neo bank. Leading the headlines is the brand new valuation of 33B. The current valuation leverages user growth, new banking licenses, and many new features and updates. There is no doubt they are building a global brand for the banking super-app.

Customer Journey & the Point of Difference

Legacy Banks get the basics wrong. Revolut gets the basics right. It all starts with the app – it’s fast and transparent, and new features are always being added exceeding consumer user expectations. 

We’ll demonstrate the importance of the Consumer User Experience as well as how you can build Growth Teams, leverage the Freemium Model & bake in Marketing into your product.

Global Super App!

“We’re on a mission to build the world’s first global financial super app, and pursuing a U.S banking license is an integral part of the journey,” 

Revolut co-founder and CEO Nik Storonsky.

Goals of the Course

Discover how to build a product in a complex world. From the Revolut Product, Revolut People, Revolut Promotion to Revolut Profit. Follow the journey with us as we discover the secret sauce and how testing like crazy, makes key moments worth sharing!

  • Apply Revolut Product Thinking to your Product
  • Apply Freemium Pricing Models
  • Understand how to Build Growth Teams
  • Bake Marketing into the Product

Course Curriculum

We unbox and breakdown the Revolut key steps in the User and Customer Journey.

a• Revolut Business Update
Revolut Product Review
Consumer User Experience
Business User Experience
Value Proposition Canvas Exercise
Agile Roadmap Exercise
Revolut People & Culture
Growth Team
Design Your Growth Team Exercise
Revolut Promotion and Brand
Growth Marketing Funnel Analysis
Viral Coefficient
User Journey Mapping Exercise
80 slides
76 minutes of video

Join us on our latest road to discovery: How To Build A Product Like Revolut

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