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Emerging Trends

New: Emerging Trends 2021 Course

We have a new course announcement! Want to tap into the feedback from over 100 experts from around the globe? Join us for our 2021 Emerging Trends Course. 

Join us as we deep dive into the trends that are happening in the tech design product world. We compiled feedback from over 100 experts and individual interviews with people from all around the world, experts, product people, entrepreneurs and industry leaders to discover what’s happening in the world of digital transformation and we’ve packaged it into a course for everyone to discover; Emerging Trends for 2021. 

This course showcases new technologies and new collaborative ways of working that will help you build digital products. From No-Code solutions to getting the team on the same page.

It’s all locked in our latest report and 2021 Emerging Trends Course. Join us as we break down the key insights and learnings and how we can apply them.