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What does design thinking mean? Get the answers.

The volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous world we now live in makes it impossible to innovate from the top down. We must now take an empathic, experimental, and emergent approach to innovate from the BottomUp. 

In this new podcast, Mike Parsons and Chad Owen break down all the components of what it takes to discover, build, test, and launch radical new products, services, and cultures. 

Go deep on these critical topics;

  1. Design Thinking
  2. Rapid Prototyping
  3. Lean Methodology
  4. Agile Development
  5. Growth marketing

You’ll get in-depth instruction on the most effective methodologies, interviews with experts, and case studies — all in under 15 minutes.

Here’s the first show:

And we’ve got lot’s more episodes coming.

002 wework – people

Perks and a bold vision were the keys to recruiting over 10,000 employees to Wework. In the episode, we learn how the company built a global team, and we share some handy best practices.

003 wework – promotion

Wework dominates the co-working category. They’re bigger than co-working itself. In this episode, we learn how a bold vision and a taste for self-promotion can put a brand on the front page.

004 wework – profit

Wework has crashed due to financial mistakes. In this episode, we dig deep into the numbers to learn some valuable lessons. Learn about the importance of CAC and LTV.

And there’s plenty of juicy topics after we decode Wework.

005 design think – 01 Intro
006 design think – 02 Airbnb Outside
007 design think – 03 Airbnb Inside
008 design think – 04 Inspiration
009 design think – 05 Empathy
010 design think – 06 Defining Work
011 design think – 07 Ideation
012 design think – 08 Prototyping
013 design think – 09 Primary Feature
014 design think – 10 User Journey
015 design think – 11 Features
016 design think – 12 Business Logic
017 design think – 13 Recruits Testing
018 design think – 14 Sharing Recommendations