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Top 10 skills in demand for 2021

There are 16 courses on BottomUp Skills, and we’re still creating more! Our mission to provide bite-sized skills for product people and there’s plenty of good stuff in the world we need to share with you. And let’s face it – everyone needs skills.

Please let us know what new courses you’d like to have next year. Right now here are 12 courses we plan to produce next year.

Are there any missing? Please send us an email. So here’s the draft curriculum for 2021.


Growth Marketing Masterclass

Let’s go far deeper into the world os marketing, sales, and service. Let’s put on our Growth hat. Discover all six parts of the marketing funnel – from awareness to referral. We’ll breakdown the ket to it all: conversion.


Product Innovation Masterclass

Building high growth products call on many skills; from design to development.  We believe creating a brand new product requires six strategic frameworks. We’ll break them down and demonstrate how they work together.


How to be a product owner

A good product owner is a rare species. This role requires several skills that equal a unique individual. Their day consists of backlogs, stakeholders, roadmaps and much more. Learn what the role entails and how you can do it too.


Presentation skills and techniques

In the age of the Knowledge worker Telling your story is an essential skill. Discover the secret to presentation process: before, during and after. In this course, you’ll become a presentation wizard in both design and delivery.


Time Management and Prioritization

Are you feeling overloaded? There’s a timeless way of setting your priorities that worlds most productive people use. Also, you can learn how to protect your time and focus on the most important thing; your objectives.

Jira and confluence masterclass

If you dabble in agile and scrum, then you’ll know Jira and Confluence. These two tools are the Batman and Robin of being in agile software development. Let’s learn how to get the most of these two tools.

Top 5 communication moments in teams

Communication can make or break a team. From explaining problems to giving some tricky personal performance feedback – it’s tricky. Let’s dive deep into five situations where communication is everything. We’ll explain the best practices and checklists you can use.

Lean Analytics

We love lean! The more you build, measure, and learn, the better. Let’s study how to be data-informed, not data-driven. Let’s use the data to develop better products. Learn how to measure your product at different stages, do sharp analysis, and make intelligent recommendations.

Spotify Case study

Spotify beat apple iTunes at its own game. Amazing! So how did they do it? Let’s dive into all aspects of the company and see what we can learn from their freemium business model to its focus on design.

Airbnb Case Study

Airbnb enjoyed many golden years until COVID. And then everything stopped. Now their business is bouncing back, and Wall St is calling. Let’s study the universe of Airbnb both inside and out.

Amazon Case Study (bonus)

Jeff and his team are unstoppable. From being number one in online retail to leading the cloud. Let’s decode the Seattle-based team and see what it takes to build one of the most outstanding businesses in history.

Top 5 Emerging tech 2021 (bonus)

Technology accelerated so much due to us all working from home in 2020. But what’s install for 2021? Let’s peer into our crystal ball and see what technology has installed for us in 2021.