New Keynote: Agility in the Digital Age

Discover how to build a product in a complex world with our latest keynote course Agility in the Digital Age. This keynote will step by step explain each of the skills for an Agile mindset: from Lean to Design thinking and beyond.

Get ready to execute amidst the second wave of digital transformation. We’ll break down the process, provide examples in industry today and help you:

  • Understand the big picture of digital transformation
  • Master the ‘Complexity Conundrum’
  • Learn each of the six skills for the digital age
  • To be ready to deep dive into the skills you need most

It’s all in our latest course: Agility in the Digital Age. Join us at BottomUp Skills to learn more and to discover our Masterclasses on Design Thinking, Lean Startup and Growth Marketing. Let us help you with the tools and courses to help build your next product.

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